Hair Transplant Post Surgery Care

Things that you need to follow after the post hair transplant surgery:

To get better and natural hair transplant results you have to follow some pre and post surgery care recommended by doctors. This should be not taken lightly as it can also effect on the growth of your hair. We have added some post surgery instructions that you have to follow:

Day 1

Day 2


Week 1

Avoid using a comb or brush on your hair grafts


Week 2

Grafts may start falling at this stage, but it is not a big concern as you will get the natural growth back within 3 4 months.

General Instructions


Keep your donor area neat & clean for that you can use some sprays and creams as your doctor suggests.


Keep yourself active with regular jogging or walk. A little exercise is required to stretch your neck.


A little swelling can occur sometime and can remain for a few days, but it's common after a surgery like this. You can apply ice cubes on it for relief.

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