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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Today life has become very busy and more stress full. Due to stress and unhealthy diet lots of people facing baldness problem even in teenage as well. But don't worry now hair transplant is a permanent solution of baldness. If you re living in Mumbai can go for hair transplant in Mumbai. Hair fall is another problem people are facing. There are several medicines and shampoos available in market and people are using to get rid of hair loss problems but they are not 100% successful.

NHT provides best hair transplant services in Mumbai at low cost. We also provide hair transplant facility in Nagpur. You can get hair transplant in nagpur at the same price with the same doctors. Hair Transplantation is most successful and permanent way to solve your hair loss and baldness problems. We have experienced hair transplant doctors in our panel. We are providing our best services with long lasting and natural looking results.

The doctor picks healthy hair follicles (grafts) one by one from the back of head and transplant into bald area of the patient head. This procedure takes only one day and has permanent results. This procedure is called FUE plantation. Fue is also known as strip less and scar less method. There is no scar after the surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

The cost of FUE plantation is based on the number of grafts you required and level of baldness patient have. Hair transplant treatment is best suitable for both men and women.

The average cost of hair transplant in Mumbai varies from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor. Average price for normal baldness level is Rs. 35000 to 55000 per 1000 graft. But cost may be varied from Rs. 35000 depends on several factors like donor area, doctor's experience.Our hair transplant cost in Mumbai is Rs.35/graft. Call now @ 9872633771 and book your appointment with best hair transplant doctors.

There are other techniques like bio FUE, neo graft, direct hair transplant, scalp micro pigmentation and some hair loss technique like PRP therapy, stem cell therapy is provided by at our clinic in Mumbai.

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Before After results in Mumbai
Hair Transplant result in Mumbai
FUE Hair Transplant result in Mumbai

Hair Transplant Doctors in Mumbai

Dr. Vikas Panthri-hair transplant doctor in Mumbai Dr. Vikas Panthri

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Shakti-hair transplant doctor in Mumbai Dr. Shakti

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Patients Review

I would like to say thank you to NHT for their immediate response on my enquiry. They refer me to an experienced hair transplant doctors DR. Amitabh Shrivastav. He clears all my doubts and I was completely satisfied with their counsultation. As a result I got the hair transplant from DR. Amitabh. I appreciate the prompt follow ups by you with me and you help me in my each step. You tell me all pre and post do's and dont's that save my time and I don't need to go for clinics. You are doing good work Keep on doing

Shelendar Kumar-Hair Transplant Review in Mumbai

Shelender Kumar

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Best Hair Transplant Services in Mumbai

Hair Transplant is the procedure in which your own hair are extracted and then implanted into bald area of the head. This is the finest and permanent solutions of baldness. This is done by various techniques mainly includes fue, bio fue and fut. Hair transplant surgery is done by experienced surgeons with huge care, prompt distance and with advanced tools to maintain natural looks. This procedure is suitable for both men and women.

FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai
FUE Hair Transplant
FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai
FUT Hair Transplant
Facial Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Facial Hair Transplant
Body Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Body Hair Transplant

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