Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplant is about to implanting hair follicles from donor side (backside of your head) to (balding area) top of your head. Hair transplantation gives 100% natural results and stands for long-lasting. Because hair follicles from the back side of your head are genetically resistant of baldness.

Of course hair transplantation give 100% natural result no one can distinguish between your newly planted hairs and old hairs.

Even your hair stylish could not find any difference between your hairs.

But results are depends upon your surgeon and technique which is used for transplantation. We recommend Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE as a best hair transplant technique for hair transplantation.

Normally surgery is completed within a day for 1500 to 3000 grafts. It takes 7 to 8 hours for completion. If required graft are more than 3000 then full surgery is completed in two steps in first step surgeon implant up to 3000 grafts. Then Second surgery is done After 4 to 5 month completion of first surgery
Hair transplant surgery is done under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain during the surgery. In some cases, very few people feel numbness for few hours.

Today hair transplant clinics give a discount on consultation. Some clinics also offer free consultations to attract more patients. Generally, clinics charge on graft or per session basis. Cost is normally ranging from Rs. 35/graft to Rs. 45/graft.

Cost is decreased as the number of sessions increases. Some clinics reduce their transplantation cost as required grafts are more than 2500. However, You can use our graft calculator for the estimated cost of the surgery.

Required hair grafts are depended on your level of baldness. And the density of hair you required. Now you can easily. Now you can easily calculate your hair graft with our graft calculator

With the latest hair transplantation technique (FUE) hair transplantation procedure is less invasive and wounds are healed within a day or two following surgery. In some special cases of numbness and mild soreness can be expected for some days following surgery.

After completion of hair transplant surgery instantly transplanted part of head (recipient area) is pink with scabs creating around micro incisions. These incisions heal completely within two weeks. During a first few days of surgery hair transplant is noticeable if no hairs are available to hide these temporary scabs. Once the transplanted hair grows out then result looks naturally.

As the newly implanted hair follicles are resistant to going bald. They grew naturally for the life time. As a result you got natural and permanent hairs for life time.

Generally, it takes three to four month to grow after the hair transplant. Initially, newly transplanted hairs grow very thin grows thicker over time. After one year completion transplanted hair fully mature and grows naturally for life time.

The most important decisions in hair transplantation are choosing an experienced, skilled and talented surgeon. Your hair transplant result is totally depends upon your surgeon. Here are few tips to find best hair transplant surgeons.

  • Ask for referrals
  • Check testimonials
  • Check qualification of surgeon

However, You can also check the qualifications of our doctors at NHT clinic and the results they offered.

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