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Natural Hair Transplant
Are you looking for hair transplant in Pune? Get 100% assured & natural results. Cost starts from Rs. 33,333/1,000 grafts on easy EMI. Cost may be increased depends upon the grafts you required for hair transplantation. Cost also depends upon the technique used for transplantation of hair such as FUE, FUT or Bio FUE, the reputation of clinic & doctors. Also get 50% discount on Consultation. Free one PRP session with each hair transplant surgery. Call Now @ 9872633771 for discount and further details.

Natural Hair Transplant
Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune | Cost | Treatments | Duration

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Hair Transplant in Pune

Have you faced hair loss in the recent past? Are you looking for Transplantation of hair in Pune to cure baldness? Don't Worry, You are at right place. As a matter of fact, hair forms an important part of human body, And the loss of hair can really cause a lack of confidence for people.

Hair loss is understood to be an important issue as the growth of hair is closely related towards personality enhancement.Medical experts had expressed extreme concern on such issues of excessive hair loss, as this can lead towards baldness.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune | Cost | Treatments | Duration

Mr. Jonney Lever Interview Dr Amitabh Shrivastava

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune | Cost | Treatments | Duration

Mr. Govind Namdev visits Sai Cosmetics Clinic

However, we at NHT Clinic offer valid and feasible solutions for all your needs related to hair care!. Read more..

Know More About Hair Transplant Cost in Pune

Everyone looking for best hair transplant treatment at reasonable price. Please note that the cost of hair transplant in Pune varies as far as the market is concerned. It has been noted that the total cost of surgery varies based on the reputation of the surgeons in the market. Reputed and experienced hair transplant doctors in Pune charged high as compared to newbie doctors. Therefore, it is understood that the market is very unpredictable. Simultaneously, it needs to be noted that, costs cannot alone determine the quality. Therefore, one needs to consider various factors while deciding to go for hair plantation. Read More..

Life Changing Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Before After results in Pune
Hair Transplant results in Pune
FUE Hair Transplant results in Pune

Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons

Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava-hair transplant doctor in Pune
Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

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Dr. Ruchi Shrivastava-hair transplant doctor in Pune
Dr. Ruchi Shrivastava


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Patients Review

I would like to say thank you to NHT for their immediate response on my enquiry. They refer me to an experienced hair transplant doctors DR. Amitabh Shrivastav. He clears all my doubts and I was completely satisfied with their counsultation. As a result I got the hair transplant from DR. Amitabh. I appreciate the prompt follow ups by you with me and you help me in my each step. You tell me all pre and post do's and dont's that save my time and I don't need to go for clinics. You are doing good work Keep on doing

Shelendar Kumar-Hair Transplant Review in Pune

Shelender Kumar

 Hair plantation Pre Surgery care
Pre Surgery Care

Avoid wearing any garment that needs to wear from head such as T-shirt or under-shirt. Rather...

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Hair plantation Post Surgery care
Post Surgery Care

Don't bother if a little pain is there as it is common to happen after any surgery...

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Frequently Asked Question

 What is hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure of moving hair follicles from donor area to recipient area. A Donor area is usually backside of your head and recipient area is baled area of your head.

  How hair transplant is work?

Hair transplant is about to implanting hair follicles from donor side (backside of your head) to (balding area) top of your head. Hair transplantation gives 100% natural results and stands for long-lasting. Because hair follicles from the back side of your head are genetically resistant of baldness.

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