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Hair Transplant Post Surgery Care

To get a natural hair transplant results doctors recommend some pre surgery and post surgery care . Patients should follow all the prescription carefully to get an effective results. Here are some post surgery care instructions.

Day 1

  • Don't bother if a little pain is there as it is common to happen after any surgery. If pain is more extreme then a pain killer can be taken.
  • Don't forget to take proper medicines and eating a proper diet to remain healthy to bear the pain.
  • Keeping yourself calm and relaxed by taking proper rest is also recommended in the initial stage.

Day 2

  • Don't remove bandages by your own as take a proper appointment with your doctor and let him/her do so.
  • Avoid washing head while taking bath.
  • Moisture is required for hair grafts. Once your bandages are removed you can clean your grafts, but as per the instructions given by your surgeon.

Week 1

Avoid using a comb or brush on your hair grafts


Week 2

Grafts may start falling at this stage, but it is not a big concern as you will get the natural growth back within 3 4 months.

General Instructions


Keep your donor area neat & clean for that you can use some sprays and creams as your doctor suggests.


Keep yourself active with regular jogging or walk. A little exercise is required to stretch your neck.


A little swelling can occur sometime and can remain for a few days, but it's common after a surgery like this. You can apply ice cubes on it for relief.

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